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18mm Ball Joint Separator  18mm Ball Joint Separator - AT186 £29.80
Universal tool for separation of ball joints.
29mm Ball Joint Separator  29mm Ball Joint Separator - AT191 £58.44
Universal tool for separation of ball joints.
50mm Ball Joint Separator  50mm Ball Joint Separator - AT195 £7.47
Heat treated drop forged steel body and thrust bolt. Fits most cars. Insert tool between spindle arm and tie rod, tu.....
Coil Spring Compressor Set  Coil Spring Compressor Set - AT200 £51.74
Coil spring compressor set with safety hooks. Place the compressors around the coil and screw them together individually.....
Shock Absorber Adjuster  Shock Absorber Adjuster - HP301 £6.85
65-70mm hook wrench specifically designed for adjusting rear shock absorbers on motorbikes.

Products 1 to 5 of 5